Bad Day

Trying to find room to spread my wings and am smothered by the growing amount of people taking up space where there used to be room. Irritating time of the year and it only is getting more irritating. Classes that pile on readings and the writings of mine get shoveled into the corner. Make room for the studious drudge.

Can’t breathe.

Powers of authority that be would kill me if I weren’t wearing this skin. Isn’t that a creepy thought rather than a shrugged-hopeless-what-can-you-do-about-it mentality that society would like to instill in you so that the perpetuation of this ugliness occurs again. And again. And again.

No lives matter.

Everyone is being hunted and it just comes down to are you always in the right spaces and the right times and the luck of the draw. Do they draw on you? I would like to draw over famous paintings with crayons and pull out my organs and splatter them across famous sculptures. Am I crazy enough yet? Can I be locked away from the world so that the world doesn’t harm me? Done so much damage already.


Somewhere, someday something is gonna come. At least that’s what I overhear from screaming street corner preachers who think they have no accountability for the homeless ones littering the street tossed away by the very country full of people that should help them. I want to help them but my pockets are empty and there are no connections to the community here that could come together and bring real change. Take people off the streets and into their expensive condos that priced these same homeless out into the streets. I fucking hate people.

Lives matter.

Irritation at every turn. The university is packed fuller and fuller of bodies with bigger and bigger amounts of debt. Squeezing all these people into a place to condense them into debt workers. Working off that debt the rest of your life. No one ever has money these days, they just have debt. I’ve come to not give a shit. Run that credit score into the ground and along with it my entire life. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m homeless in a few years, that is, if war doesn’t come.



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