Find the Good

I had no intention, intent-baselessness, I had no direct aim. Aimed dead straight. This is the place to be: centered on action when really inactive.

Revolutionary of the times.

No one will remember this name; they’ll know the collective that usurped all out-dated established.

Humanity was always a struggle. Oh, don’t you read? I’ve read them all. Toxic self-serving individuals hinder us all. Utopia could be, but human is human: that trait latent in all. Ugliness. That is the human race. Suffering. A condition with failed treatment.

Acceptance of atrocities.

This is what majoring in English gets you: the ability to see multiple perspectives, a kaleidoscope of views, so that humanity reveals itself to you like a bubbling toxic vat of capabilities.

I don’t care for the future of humanity, long since doomed, I care for the future of goodness.


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